1. Use common sense. If you think you might be being too much of a dick, you're probably right. Don't be a ding dong.
  2. No ERP. At all.
  3. No spamming. It's not funny and you just piss more people off. Even if it's not over comms, dead people can still hear you. Just don't.
  4. No Advertising. If you REALLY need to advertise something, ask a mod or something beforehand.
  5. Being valid means everyone can kill you. You can be valid by being a catperson, a cluwne, an antagonist or via calling other people valid over comms.
  6. AI's must follow their law to the word. Your fault if you upload a misspelling in their law and they murder half the station.
  7. Critting people for little reason is a good way to get banned. When you dock at Central Command, all bets are off and you can go nuts. Eye for an eye, don't kill someone for slipping you.
  8. Antags for the most part, do what they want. Be it killing everyone and such.
  9. No metagaming. Keep everything IC in IC and everything in OOC seperate until the round ends. No using VOIP or other external means to talk about the current round, or you will be banned.
  10. Give yourself a good name. Humans should have a Normal two name EG John Doe. Having it be a reference to something is okay, just make sure it could actually be seen as an actual name. Cyborgs, Clowns, Mimes and antags can safely ignore this rule. Other races have a looser hold on this rule.
  11. Tell an admin if you're a head of staff or antag and you need to leave for whatever reason.
  12. No net speak. The odd u and that can slide, but please don't literally say "lol u ur so funny, idk what's up with the grov :]"
  13. No excessive racism or offensive terms. Sure you can a cheeky "MY NIGGA!" in once or twice but just spamming "STFU RETARDED FAGGOT NIGGER" will lead to a hasty ban.